• 05.03.2013

Proper storage of coats and other fur products in the warmer months, significantly extending the duration of their service, ensures impressive original appearance and protect your fur coat from insect pests.

The optimum temperature for long term storage of fur is from 4˚ to 7 ˚  C, humidity – less than 65%, as well as to the complete absence of sunlight and good ventilation. Create a climate for your coats at home is difficult. However, such conditions provides fur storage refrigerator – a specially equipped room designed for storage of hides and fur products. Our fur factory provides a service in its own fur storage fur refrigerator for the whole year. For our customers, summer storage is free, from 15 May to 15 September. Storage in other seasons as well as storing coats from other manufacturers running charge.

Cost of paid storage depends on the length and type of fur coats, as well as some other features, but not depend on the value of the product.

When receiving coats for storage – antimolevaya treatment free!

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