Warranty and Service

  • 04.03.2013

We appreciate the trust of our customers, so we try to provide the best service that will provide great comfort and confidence to owners made us wear fur.

The manufacturer’s warranty
Purchasing fur clothing Herman Shalumov, you can be assured of the highest quality fur and tailoring. All coats come with full warranty service factory.
Warranty period of mink fur, astrakhan beaver – 1 year, and from other types of fur – 6 months.

Fitting finished fur garments
When buying a finished coat is sometimes necessary to fit some of the parts to coat on your figure look perfect. Fitting clothing is provided to our customers free of charge. At the time of purchase will be made the necessary measurements, and within 1-2 days coat ready.

Free summer storage in the refrigerator fur
In order to preserve your beautiful appearance of the fur, in the warmer months to keep his coat in certain conditions. Therefore, we offer our clients access to free annual service storage purchased from us in our special coats fur refrigerator from 15 April to 15 September. For our customers, this service is free.

Fur repairs
During the warranty period any repairs we have purchased furs are free. At the end of the warranty period, you can also enjoy all kinds of services for a fee.

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